Our Story

As the Covid-19 pandemic started and basic healthcare supplies became harder to find, small business owners Dan Janssen (Imperium Shaving), Jill Andrews (Jill Andrews Gowns) and Kim Strassner and Mike Pararas (Words With Boards) knew they had to help.

Luckily, Jill Andrews worked closely with Johns Hopkins University to design, develop, and make an updated Ebola hazmat suit so she had the expertise to design a mask to protect people. And maybe more importantly she had the skills and equipment to manufacture these masks quickly. Partnering with Dan, who specializes in manufacturing and shipping sterile shaving equipment, and with Kim and Mike who can laser cut fabrics in their large facility, Quality Mask Supply was born. But perhaps the best part of this venture was that QMS was able to organize 40 home sewers who they pay to sew their masks. Supporting people who are out of work but can sew from home is an essential part of the QMS mission because we are all in this together. By supporting QMS you are helping support small business, home sewers, and Baltimore itself. All our masks are picked up, cleaned and shipped out daily. With your help QMS is trying to supply high quality cotton masks to everyone who needs them in this crisis.

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