Donate 100 Organic Cotton Face Masks

Donate 100 Organic Cotton Face Masks

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Provide 100 organic cotton face masks

Everyone deserves to breathe clean air and to have the protection they need. That's why we are committed to donating as many masks as possible, and we are currently providing almost 300 masks a week to non-profits, hospitals, and individuals who need face masks. But as a small company 300 masks a week is the current limit we can afford to give away, and the need is growing every day. By buying a mask at a discounted price we will be able to provide our community with more masks. Each mask bought on this page will be donated to a person or organization in need.  

  • 100% Organic cotton mask
  • Two layers of protection
  • Inside pocket for additional filters
  • Fully adjustable (one size fits most)
  • Reusable, just throw it in the wash
  • individually packaged
  • Dye free 
  • chemical free
  • Always hand wash or use a fabric bag 


Please note, these masks are not considered respirators by OSHA. They act to create a physical barrier between the mouth and nose of the wearer to block potential contaminants in the immediate environment. We make no claims as to the effectiveness against any disease or virus.