The Design and Its Designer

We happen to think that our face masks are the best out there. Created by Jill Andrews, who played an integral role in the creation of the Ebola hazmat suit, we stand by this design.

In making the QMS face mask, Jill did what she does best: creative problem-solving with health, safety and comfort in mind. Our masks have been tweaked and re-tooled numerous times, taking every detail into consideration. The same kind of consideration that was given to the Ebola hazmat suit.

For instance, we don't use elastic because we know that it will disintegrate over time, rendering the mask useless. And for those who wear eyeglasses, the bridge of the nose stays taught to prevent fogging. Each new batch of fabric gets a wash-n-dry to check for shrinkage and wrinkles, with the pattern adjusted accordingly.  Plus, each mask is inspected by Jill Andrews herself before they arrive at your door.

The QMS mask is Jill's offering to help those on the frontline do their work safely and comfortably with no fuss. We truly believe they are the best out there.

To learn more about Jill's work in creating the Ebola hazmat suit, check out this article from Quartz by Anne Quito, or check out this clip from PBS News Hour.